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General Dentistry Treatments in London

London's Westmount Family Dental stands behind the commitment to provide patients of all ages with timely diagnosis and fitting treatment of their dental problems. Serving patients of all ages, Dr. Kim offers general dentistry, preventive dentistry, children's dentistry and family dentistry services in a relaxed and comfortable environment. From professional cleaning to root canal treatment, his team does it all. He also offers take-home whitening kits from trusted brands.

Evening & Saturday Appointments Available

Call Dr. Kim to schedule an appointment with him. For your peace of mind, he welcomes new patients and emergencies, and he offers evening and Saturday appointments. You can count on him for a diverse range of services, including:

  • General dentistry services Dr. Kim offers a comprehensive range of general dentistry services that diagnose, prevent or treat your dental health issues and help you achieve a beautiful smile.

  • Root canal treatment Root canal treatment is the solution to the decay that has developed in the pulp of your teeth. The decay may cause sensitivity, toothache, inflammation or swelling if left untreated.

  • Crowns and bridges Dr. Kim provides dental crowns and bridges that replace the missing teeth of patients who have damaged teeth or have undergone root canal therapy.

  • Extractions Dr. Kim can perform all kinds of tooth extractions such as wisdom tooth extraction, partial bony impaction and complete bony impaction.

  • Children's dentistry services Early treatment and evaluation are of the utmost importance to ensure your children remain free of any dental issues. Dr. Kim offers dentistry services for children of all ages.

  • Preventive dentistry services Keep your teeth safe from dental issues such as cavities and periodontal diseases with preventive dentistry services at Westmount Family Dental in London.

  • Professional cleaning Regular dental checkups and cleaning are important methods to prevent tooth decay. These preventive dentistry methods help you stay cavity and infection-free.

  • X-rays Regular dental X-rays can help identify oral diseases before they become severe. Westmount Family Dental uses X-rays as an essential diagnostic tool to get valuable information that isn’t visible during a clinical examination.

  • Whitening He provides quality teeth whitening solutions for patients in London. You will be able to step out of his clinic with a brightened smile immediately after the treatment.

  • Basic restorative dentistry services He offers a wide range of restorative treatments that help replace or restore your damaged or missing teeth. The restorative dentistry services include dental filling, extraction and scaling.

  • Cosmetic procedures He provides his patients with quick, painless and surprisingly affordable cosmetic treatments for a beautiful smile. He also offers cosmetic dentistry services like gum grafting and teeth whitening.

  • Fillings A dental filling is a restorative treatment performed at the initial stages of tooth damage. The dentist will remove the decaying part of your teeth and replace it with a tooth-coloured material.

  • Dental bleaching, including take-home bleaching kits If you want white and shining teeth in quick time, go for a dental bleaching procedure. Westmount Family Dental also offers take-home bleaching kits that contain peroxide gel in a low concentration and are safe to use.

  • Dental veneers Dental veneers are thin, personalized shells of tooth material that cover the top of your teeth and beautify them. The dentist can recommend the right veneer material for your teeth.

  • Family dentistry services Westmount Family Dental is the one-stop dental clinic for all your family’s dental needs. Dr. Kim can carry out everything from basic cleanings to complex root canal treatments for people of all ages.

Have a painful tooth? Don’t wait before it’s too late, and book a consultation with Westmount Family Dental today.

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